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Rifleman Thomas Hatton

On Loos Sunday, we were delighted to meet the son and grandson of Rifleman Thomas Charles Hatton, who served with the 1st Battalion in the UK from April 1940 to June 1942.

Rifleman Hatton, second row, third from the left; his close friend, Rifleman Leslie Frost, second row, third from the right

His son, also named Tom, explained to us that soon after joining up, his father was based in Kent where the battalion was helping the return of the Dunkirk evacuees. After this, they would continue to be positioned in the south east of England during the Battle of Britain period and then spent time at Bognor Regis before the London Irish Rifles moved onto Essex in 1942. It was during this latter period that Rifleman Hatton was seriously injured in a training accident that led him to be formally discharged from army service on 4th June, a few months before the 1st Battalion were to go overseas to the Middle East.

Tom Hatton at Bognor, left file, third in row.

After returning to his wife Daisy and baby son in south London and, despite the effects of his war time injuries, Tom was able to live a very long and eventful life well into his 90s.

Tom and Daisy Hatton with son Thomas.

During the visit to Connaught House, Tom Hatton jnr shared a few photos and details of his father’s war time service with us.

Tom, second face to the right of the beanpole Rifleman.

It was marvellous to learn more about Rifleman Tom Hatton’s war time service and meet his son and grandson who, perhaps unsurprisingly, is also called Tom !

Quis Separabit.


      • This was my great grandad tom and my great nanny daisy.. they was both amazing grandparents and people in general.. helped me through thick and thin over there many glorious years… my great grandad Tom used to share his war stories with me as a child and both always made me smile when times was hard..
        Never a day goes buy without me thinking of them both amongst other lost family members..
        Great grandad Tom, you done us proud, you served your country and raised a beautiful family.
        Until we meet again, I love you all. X

  1. Riflemen Thomas Charles Hatton L.I.R. B4 Squad

    I’m very proud of my grandfather he will always be my hero for the service for his King and country.
    My grandfather was the first person to show me how to spit and polish your boots and spoon with polish he told me a fantastic memorability which was scary as we were cleaning the boots together.
    My Nan Daisy Hatton and a friend decided to hitchhike all the way to Ramsgate where my grandfather was present at Manston AirDrome.
    My Nan Daisy Hatton and her friend strolled casually to the barracks looking for my grandfather riflemen Thomas Hatton.on approach a Guardsman shouted stop who goes there my Nan never responded and kept walking the second time stop who goes there with a bullet in the breach.
    they was immediately taken to the guardhouse and questioned.
    my grandfather was seriously injured With head injuries at manston airdrome on a previous Air raid by the Germans
    as my Nan was so worried about grandads condition she made her way an a friend to Manston in Ramsgate.
    They nearly lost there life’s.
    these are just one of the Memoryabilities I have that my grandad shared with me over a pint of beer And a game of drafts he always beat me and rubbed it in afterwards.
    My grandad is a hero he’s always in my heart I salute you grandad for your service for England We’ll meet again has my Nan Daisy Once said to our family

  2. My grandfather was a proud and privileged To be a soldier -a good soldier…With discipline, self-respect, Pride in his unit and his country, high sense of duty and obligation to Comrades and to his superiors, and a self confidence born of demonstrated ability we thank you all for your service and tremendous courage and bravery God bless you all

  3. my great grandad I am also a Thomas Charles Hatton son of Thomas Charles Hatton jnr and grandson of Thomas Charles Hatton. I’m super proud of my great grandad reading the lovely stories and seeing the pictures of him never had the opportunity to meet but memories like this I can hold onto an be very proud of him x

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