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Joining the Association

Membership Application Form


…based at ‘CONNAUGHT HOUSE’, Camberwell, London, and has over 300 members, including many who live overseas.

WERE YOU a member of the 1st or 2nd Battalions, the war time raised Young Soldiers’ 70th Battalion, or have served with D Company over the past 50 years?

…if so, we would like to hear from you and have you join us as a member of our elite club.

Membership is also available to family members of current and former members of the London Irish Rifles or who support the Aims and Objectives of the Association and have its interests at heart.

BY JOINING the Regimental Association, you will…

  • be able to take part in regular events, including parades on Loos Sunday, Remembrance Sunday and St Patrick’s Day.
  • have the opportunity to join battlefield tours and pilgrimage commemorations, arranged by the Regimental Association, including future trips.
  • receive a copy of the annual ‘Emerald’ magazine.
  • have ease of access to the Regimental Museum, which is situated at Connaught House…
    and most importantly
  • be able to reconnect with many old friends and comrades who are also members of the Association.

You may also wish to consider setting aside a small amount of future legacies to support the Regimental Association or its Benevolent Fund which provides assistance to current and former members of the London Irish Rifles..

We LOOK FORWARD to welcoming you as a new or returning member.


The Objectives of the Association are:

a) To foster friendship and fellowship among all past and present members and associate members.

b) To afford financial assistance to past and present members of The Regiment and their dependents.

c) To administer and accept responsibility for The Band.

d) To administer and accept responsibility for the Regimental Museum.

e) To encourage all members to attend organised functions of the Association and of The Regiment, when invited.