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Review of Recent Events

Loos Sunday – September 2023

Presentation of Colours to 1st Battalion London Guards, July 2023

80th Anniversary of Operation Husky, July 2023

Combined Irish Regiments’ Parade, June 2023

Annual Lunch, May 2023

St Patrick’s Sunday, March 2023

Stormberg Day in Belfast, December 2022

Remembrance Sunday, November 2022.

Loos Sunday – September 2022

Pilgrimage to Sicily – September 2022

Combined Irish Regiments – June 2022

AGM/Annual Lunch – May 2022

St Patrick’s Parade – March 2022

Officers’ Club Lunch, December 2021

Remembrance Sunday, November 2021

Field of Remembrance, November 2021

Loos Sunday, September 2021

AGM/Annual Lunch, July 2021

St Patrick’s Sunday, March 2020 at Wellington Barracks

Stormberg Day, December 2019

Founders’ Day, December 2019

Officers’ Club Luncheon, December 2019

Remembrance Sunday, November 2019

Field of Remembrance, November 2019

Loos Sunday, September 2019

Commemorations in Sicily, September 2019

Combined Irish Regiments’ Parade, June 2019

Annual Lunch, May 2019

75th Anniversary of the Italian Campaign, May 2019

St Patrick’s Day, March 2019

St Patrick's Day, March 2019.

Stormberg Day, December 2018

Remembrance Sunday, November 2018

Loos-en-Gohelle, November 2018

Field of Remembrance, 8th November 2018

Loos Parade, September 2018

Piedimonte Etneo, September 2018

2018 Annual Lunch at the Civil Service Club

Combined Irish Regiments’ Parade 2018 in Whitehall

Irish Regiment of Canada visiting Connaught House, May 2018

St Patrick’s Day 2018 at Connaught House

Stormberg Day in Belfast, December 2017

 Founders’ Day at The Freemasons Arms, December 2017

Remembrance Sunday at Connaught House, November 2017

Field of Remembrance, at Westminster Abbey, November 2017

Loos Sunday at Connaught House, September 2017

Combined Irish Regiments’ Parade at The Centotaph, June 2017

AGM/Annual Lunch at The Civil Service Club, May 2017

St Patrick’s Day, 2017

Stormberg Day, 2016

Remembrance Sunday, 2016

Lord Mayor’s Show, 2016

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