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Piper Alfred Jeffrey 1923-2018

We have received notification of the recent death of Piper Alfred (‘Jeff’) Jeffrey who lived in Perth, Western Australia.

Piper Jeffrey served with the 2nd Battalion in Italy and Austria from 1943 to 1946 and an excerpt of his memoirs were published in a recent Emerald.

You can read a full version of Alfred’s memoirs by following this link created by George Willis.

Alfred had written to us at the London Irish Rifles Association earlier in the year with the following comments:

“In retrospect, we all went through tremendous experiences and emerged if not unscathed, then not too badly ‘scathed’.  In view of the wonderful replies to my email, I have decided to remain in touch. This means that when I go, there will be no warning. You will simply stop getting replies from me. 

I should tell you that, although I was called Jeff for broadcast purposes, my name is really Alfred, and I prefer it to Jeff.  That makes three of us named after the only English king  ever to be called “the Great”.

Thank you for The Emerald; I am looking forward to it. 

Best wishes to everyone.  Alfred Jeffrey.”

Quis Separabit.


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