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November 1942

By the end of November 1942, 1 LIR were based in northern Iraq as part of PAI Force within the 10th Army, and 2 LIR had started their journey east from Algiers towards the front line in Tunisia to join the rest of 6th Armoured Division within the 1st Army.

After arriving in Iraq at the end of October, 1 LIR remained near to Basra until 11th November when they travelled to Baghdad and then the next day onto Kirkuk where they remained until 1st April 1943.

2 LIR left Glasgow on 14th November aboard HMT Duchess of York, being accompanied on board by 38 (Irish) Brigade’s HQ team. 6 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (6 Innisks) travelling in the same convoy on HMT Nea Helllas. The third battalion of the Irish Brigade, 1 Royal Irish Fusiliers (1 RIrF), left Liverpool for Algiers at the end of the month.

On arrival in Algiers on 22nd November, the battalion marched out of the city to Maison Carree, where they remained until the end of the month and then after a two day journey by lorry and train, they arrived in early December at Bougie in eastern Algeria.

The officer’s roll of 2 LIR in November 1942 was  :

Lieut-Colonel JB Jeffreys, Commanding Officer.

Major WD Swiney, Second in Command.

Major J McCann, OC Headquarters Company.

Major C.AF Gibbs, OC E Company.

Captain JD Lofting, O.C. H Company.

Captain SM Ekin, O.C. F Company.

Major BA Tebbit, O.C. G Company.

Captain J Grant.

Captain LJ Samuels, Medical Officer.

Captain TL Laister, Adjutant.

Captain DW Conroy, Transport Officer.

Captain VJA. Lillie-Costello, Administration.

Captain RG. Cockburn, Carrier Platoon.

Lieutenant D Aitkenhead, Quartermaster.

Captain JP Carrigan.

Lieutenant A Cowdy

Lieutenant CJ Reidy

Lieutenant WFH Cooper.

2nd Lieutenant HE Rawlings.

2nd Lieutenant W Bowker.

2nd Lieutenant CE Kinch.

2nd Lieutenant EHE Beechey.

2nd Lieutenant K Neely.

2nd Lieutenant BC Stigant.

2nd Lieutenant FE Fletcher.

2nd Lieutenant AG Lees.

2nd Lieutenant RT McKenna.

2nd Lieutenant VWL Pottinger.

2nd Lieutenant JM McGranahan.

2nd Lieutenant TWH Wilson.

2nd Lieutenant R Hardwick.

Key Dates:

1st to 11th November – 1 LIR remain at Al Zubair, near to Basra.

10th November – 2 LIR board ship in Glasgow on HMT Duchess of York, and leave the River Clyde on 14th November.

12th November – 1 LIR travel to Kirkuk via Baghdad.

13th November – 1 LIR commence training at Kirkuk, where they remain for the next 5 months.

22nd November – 2 LIR arrive in Algiers to join 1st Army.

30th November – 2 LIR travel by lorry and train to Bougie.

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