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December 1942

During December 1942, 1 LIR continued its long period of defence duties and training in Kirkuk.

At the start of the month, 2 LIR travelled from Bougie to Teboursouk in Tunisia, and immediately started patrolling in that area with other elements of 6th Armoured Division, and continued to do so for the rest of the month in the area south of Medjez-el-Bab across the Goubellat Plain and further south towards Bou Arada and El Aroussa. On 10th December, 2 LIR suffered its first fatality when Rifleman Childs of the Carrier platoon was accidentally killed by a 75 grenade.

Key Dates:

1st to 6th December – 2 LIR remain in Bougie.

6th to 9th December – 2 LIR move to Tunisia via Constantine.

9th December – Arrival at Teboursouk.

10th to 19th December – Patrolling in the Bou Arada/Pont Du Fahs areas.  F Company with Capt Ekin spend one week on patrol under the command of 16/5 Lancers.

20th December – Battalion HQ move to the Medjez-el-Bab area, and there are continuing active patrols for the remainder of the month.

25th December – Major McCann transfers as 2 i.c to 6 Innisks, whose new Commanding Officer was Lt-Col CHB (Heaver) Allen (RUR), who had taken over command of 6 Innisks following the serious injuries suffered by former commanding officer Lt-Col Macartney-Filgate.

Roll of Honour, December 1942:

Rifleman R Childs 10/12/1942 Medjez-el-Bab Tunisia 2 LIR

Rifleman CJ Brady 11/12/1942 Medjez-el-Bab Tunisia 2 LIR

Rifleman H Kershaw 26/12/1942 Medjez-el-Bab Tunisia 2 LIR

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