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August 1944

August 1944 was a contrasting month for the two battalions.

Whilst the 2nd Battalion (2 LIR) was at rest in Egypt, moving from Qassassin to Sidi Bishr to the north east of Alexandria at the start of the month, the end of the month saw the 1st Battalion (1 LIR) starting its northward movement to join the 8th Army’s assault on the Gothic Line, which had commenced on the night of 25th/26th August 1944.

1 LIR’s Officer’s Roll at the end of August 1944 as it readied itself again for battle was:

Battalion HQ.

Lt-Col JL Baucher – Commanding Officer.

Major DAT Brett – Second in Command.

Captain AP Mace, MC – Adjutant.

Captain SH Sharp – Intelligence Officer.

HQ Company.

Captain H St. G Gallagher – Company Commander.

Lieut HD Miller (in hospital) – Signals Officer.

Lieut GK Birkenhead – Transport Officer.

Lieut EB Gardner – Quartermaster.

Support Company.

Capt EM Grace – Company Commander.

Captain J Gates – Carrier Platoon Commander.

Lieut W Foley (Battle Patrol Commander) – Second in Command Carrier Platoon.

Captain HG McClennan – A/Tk Platoon Commander.

Lieut AW Denley – Second in Command, A/Tk Platoon.

Lieut JV Reynolds – Mortar Platoon Commander.

2/Lieut FW Briant – Pioneer Platoon Commander.

A Company.

Major JK Cantopher GM – Company Commander.

Captain M van S Boswell – Second in Command.

Lieut C Cropper – 7 Platoon Commander.

Lieut NW Dorrity – 8 Platoon Commander.

Lieut RJ Goodall – 9 Platoon Commander.

B Company.

Major D Neill – Company Commander.

Captain AS Blake – Second in Command.

Lieut WEW Martin – 10 Platoon Commander.

Lieut BG Johns – 11 Platoon Commander (Reserve A/Tk Officer).

Lieut EE Little – 12 Platoon Commander (Reserve Mortar Officer).

C Company.

Major DA Gibson – Company Commander.

Captain HF Andrews – Second in Command.

Lieut J Willeard – 13 Platoon Commander.

Lieut RM Haigh, MC – 14 Platoon Commander.

Lieut J Prosser – 15 Platoon Commander.

D Company.

Major TJ Sweeney – Company Commander.

Captain R Hedger, MC – Second in Command.

Lieut AW Soutar – 16 Platoon Commander (Reserve A/Tk Officer).

Lieut MM Spiller – 17 Platoon Commander (Reserve IO).

Lieut J Kitcher – 18 Platoon Commander.

Lieut A Hunter – Assistant Adjutant.

1st Reinforcement Company (with 3 CRU).

Captain SW McCabe – Company Commander.

Lieut L Rue, MC.

Lieut SB Culliford.

Lieut RW Newman.

Lieut D Hutchison.

Lieut JB Duigan.

Lieut GE Sherry (as PRI).


Captain TK Whaley  – RAMC, Medical Officer.

Reverend Father Treacey – RAChD, RC Padre.

Key Dates:

7th August: 2 LIR move from Qassassin to Sidi Bishr.

8th August: 1 LIR move to Perugia area.

19th August: 1 LIR arrive in Torentino area.

29th – 31st August: 1 LIR moved to staging area at Albacina, then to Sassoferata and finally to Fossombrone.

Roll of Honour: August 1944.

No deaths were reported in the month.

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