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June 1943

During June 1943, the 1st Battalion moved from Gaza to Ataka, near to Suez, and continued to prepare for future operations as part of 168th Infantry Brigade’s attachment to the battle hardened 50th Infantry Division. Towards the end of the month, they were able to meet their new divisional commander, Major General Kirkman, and were addressed by 8th Army’s Commanding Officer, General Montgomery.

The 2nd Battalion spent the first part of the month in extensive reorganisation and training at Guelma in Algeria. Whilst there, they had the honour of lining the motorcade route when King George VI visited 78th Division. After moving to Hammamet, south of Tunis, they, too, were welcomed to 8th Army by General Montgomery.

Both battalions were preparing themselves for their first combat operations in Europe, and that would commence during July 1943 – although they were not certain at the time, they would be fighting in Sicily..

June 1943 was the lull before a most tempestuous and bitter storm that lasted a further 22 months.

Key Dates:

15th June – 1 LIR move from Gaza to Ataka in Egypt.

17th June – King George VI visits 78th Division at Guelma.

25th June – 2 LIR moves from Guelma, Algeria to Hammamet, Tunisia.

Roll of Honour, June 1943:

Rifleman J Carr 19/06/1943 El Alia Algeria 2 LIR.