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The London Regiment in Iraq

We have received a set of very evocative photographs from 2014 during the deployment of members of the London Regiment to Iraq. They show Messines Company carrying out their duties in the southern sector of Iraq near Basra and Kuwait and have been kindly passed over to us by Geraint “Taff” Hughes, who has been a stalwart member of the London Irish Rifles for many years.

We would like to pay tribute to all the men and women who served in Iraq over many years and would particularly like to thank Taff Hughes for sharing some of the memories from his time in the country.

Quis Separabit.

‘One-Three Delta’, 4 Platoon, Messines Company; Telic 4 – May to November 2004).

Messines Company Homecoming Parade at the London Scottish – 4th December 2004.

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