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War Diary, 2/18th London Regment – September 1915

3rd September – HATFIELD BROAD OAK (BO).
2nd Lt HR Hone classified at Bisley School of Musketry as a First Class Instructor and qualified to teach the Barr and Stroud one man range finder. Appointed Assistant Instructor of Musketry to the Battalion.

5th September – BISLEY.
One NCO and 4 men left for Machine Gun Course at Bisley.

6th September – BLACKHEATH.

2nd Lt Akerman left for Regimental Officers’ Course of Instructions.

2nd Lt Roberts, Hone and MacKenzie, together with 6 NCOs and 92 Riflemen left for Musketry Courses at North Mimms.

2nd Lt Comerford and Catlin with 2 NCOs and 14 Riflemen commenced the Brigade Bombing Course at Hatfield.

2nd Lt Brown secured a 1st Class at MG course and qualified as 1st Class Instructor in Infantry Range Finder. Mark III.

Sergeant Vaughan classed as “good” at the Divisional School of Bombing.

23rd September – BISHOPS STORTFORD.
One NCO and 9 Riflemen commenced at Divisional Machine Gun Course.

Four Riflemen left for three weeks Special Machine Gun Course.

2nd Lt CS Williams detailed as Assistant Instructor at Divisional Machine Gun Course.

This Battalion secured first place as the Best Battalion Section in Blocking and Clearing Trenches and defence of same; and five Riflemen of the Battalion were classified among the Best Bomb Throwers at the Brigade Bombing School.

27th September – HATFIELD BO.
2nd Lt Forsayeth, 6 NCOs and 10 Riflemen commenced Brigade Bombing and Field Engineering Course.

28th September – HATFIELD BO.
Inspection by Skilled Investigator from Munitions Board resulted in the selection of 57 Riflemen for work in munitions factories.