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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – September 1917

1st to 7th September K.21.c (Gaza – Shellal Map).
Bttn in trenches, holding posts 10 to 17 inclusive and “J”, “H” and “G”.
A, B and D Coys in line, C in reserve.
On 6th, draft of 102 ORs received from Base.

8th September – k15.d.8.7.
Bttn relieved in line by 2/20th London Regiment. Relief commenced at 0600 hrs and finished at 1000 hrs.
Bttn takes place of 2/20th London Regiment in reserve.

9th September – k15.d.8.7.
Proceeded with training of all men with the Lewis Guns.
Bttn in Reserve.

10th to 23rd September – k.15.d.8.7.
Bttn engaged in intensive training.
Bttn in Reserve.

24th to 30th September – k.21.c. (Gaza-Shellal map).
Bttn takes over trenches from 2/20th Bttn London Regiment. Holding posts 10-17 inclusive and “J”, “H” and “G”, being left sub-Sector of Gamli-Shellal defences.
C, D and B Coys in line. A Coy in reserve.