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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – October 1917

1st to 3rd October – k.21.c. (Gaza –Shellal map).
Bttn takes over trenches from 2/20th Bttn London Regiment. Holding posts 10-17 inclusive and “J”, “H” and “G”, being left sub-Sector of Gamli-Shellal defences.
C, D and B Coys in line. A Coy in reserve.

4th October – k.21.c. (Gaza –Shellal map).
Bttn relieved for night 3rd/4th to carry out a practice attack as part of 180th Infantry Brigade in which 303 Brigade RFA and 180th MGC took part of fired line shell and ball cartridge

5th October – k.21.c. (Gaza –Shellal map).
In line again.

6th October – k.21.c. (Gaza –Shellal map).
Inspection at Divisional HQ by General Boyle. 2/14th London Regiment and 2/24th inspected at the same time.

7th to 19th October – k.4.k.77. (Gaza –Shellal map).
Relieved by 2/20th London Regiment from left line sector and moved back to left support.
Bttn in Left Support area. Training.

20th October – El Shauth (G14 central).
Bttn in Left Support unto 1730 hrs on 20th October.
Moved by companies to G14 central (El Shauth) being relieved by 6th Welch Fusiliers, 53 Division, 158th Brigade.

21st October – El Shauth (G14 central).
Bttn resting.
D Coy at Divisional HQ for Church Parade by Bishop of Jerusalem. General Edward Allenby KCB was present.
Competition for prize from GOC Division for best coy in Division. D Coy won out of 13 battalions. Congratulations telegram from C-in-C. Officers, NCOs and men of D Coy presented with silver badges by GOC Division as a memento.

22nd October – El Shauth (G14 central).
Bttn resting. All surplus stores being placed in Divisional Dump at Shellal. Battalion preparing for greatest mobility possible.

23rd to 27th October – El Shauth (G14 central).
Battalion resting.
On 27th, address by GOC Division.

28th October – El Shauth (G14 central).
Bttn moved at 1900 to Bir-el-Esan by night march. Bright moonlight but limits to easy going owing to mist.

29th October – Esani C.1.b.2.4.
Arrived at Bir el Esani, having marched from El Shauth (G14 central).
In bivouac during the day. Protection in the form of various shelter, trenches dug in anticipation of possible attacks by enemy aircraft. Orders for the march attached. Good weather but temperature very low at night.

30th October – Hill 865 (K20).
Battalion resting before completing the march to position of assembly. 60th Division ordered to attack the Beersheba Defences. 179 Brigade on the right, 181 Brigade on the right, 180 Brigade in reserve.
From 1730 to 2200, Bttn marched to position of assembly (K20 Central). Weather very fine with bright moon but cold. Roads made mostly during day by Pioneers and Infantry fair. Heavy going in parts.

31st October.
Bttn in reserve as part of Reserve Brigade at K 20 Central (Hill 865).
Attack commenced with wire cutting by field guns about 0630 hrs.
News received at 0930 that enemy position on Hill 1070 captured with 70 prisoners at the cost of approximately 100 casualties.
At 1320 hrs, news received that Division had captured all the objectives.
Ordered to move to Westminster Wadi about K.8.a.
Good weather throughout the day, Sufficient water.