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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – March 1915

Unit: 2/18th Battalion, London Regiment (London Irish Rifles).
Brigade: 2/18th London Infantry Brigade.
Division: 2/2nd London Division (TF).
Mobilisation Centre: Duke of York’s Headquarters, Chelsea.
Temporary War Station: Sandfield House, Reigate.
Stations since occupied subsequent to Concentration: White City, Shepherds Bush, Reigate.
Concentration at War Station.
The Battalion, being concentrated at Reigate, the temporary War Station, is under training:
Configuration for Defence.
The most vulnerable point at present is the want of range accommodation and consequent lack of musketry training.


The General Training is being interrupted by spells of entrenching, which is going on at Margery Hall.


The discipline of the Battalion is highly satisfactory.


Medical Services – the work of the Medical Officer of the Battalion is continually increasing so much, so that at times he finds it difficult to get through all he has to do.
Supply Services – the supply services are on the whole satisfactory.
Transport Services – the Battalion has not been supplied with any transport and were it not that the Officers’ Mess are in possession of a light cart, for which horses have been hired, it would be most difficult at times to carry on.
Supply of remounts – only two horses have up to present been supplied for the use of the Battalion, although others have been indented for.
Reorganisation of TF into Home and Imperial Service – the organisation of the Battalion into Home and Imperial Service has had to be suspended in consequence of drafts of Imperial Services’ men having to be sent to the 1st Battalion, which has left this Battalion considerably below strength and composed of men, who are either medically unfit for foreign service, under the age of 19, or are enlisted only for home service.
I am making every effort to recruit men for Imperial Service to make good the depletion already referred to.