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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – June 1917

1st June – Hadzi-Junas.
Bttn marched from Hadzi-Junas to Sarigol on the night 1st/2nd June. Left Hadzi-Junas at 2015 hours, arrived Sarigol at 2310 hours.
March casualties Nil.

2nd June – Sarigol.
Bttn marched from Sarigol to Ambarkeuy on night 2nd/3rd June. Left Sarigol 1900 hrs, arrived Ambarkeuy 2300.
March casualties Nil.

3rd June – Ambarkeuy.
Bttn marched from Ambarkeuy to Naresh on night 3rd/4th June. Left Ambarkeuy at 2100 hrs, arrived Naresh at 2330 hrs.
March casualties Nil.

4th June – Naresh.
Bttn marched from Naresh to Dudular on night 4th/5th June Left Naresh 1900 hrs, arrived Dudular 2300 hours.
March Casualties Nil.

5th June – Dudular.
Bttn in Bivouac at Dudular, engaged in Interior Economy. Copy of Salonika Establishments Part XII “3” (amended) and indents submitted accordingly.

6th June – Dudular.
Bttn in Bivouac. Draft of 44 ORs arrived.

7th June – Dudular.
Bttn received orders for rapid embarkation (Destination unknown).
Change of equipment and stores as Salonika establishment Part XII 3 (amended) …was completed except for a few minor items.
Orders received for all baggage to proceed to Salonika English Quay, leaving camp at 1200. Animals to proceed at 1930 hrs led by Transport personnel and Bttn personnel at 2230 hrs. Animals were lent by stationary units to pull luggage to Quay.
Orders received at 1600 hrs to postpone move until night 7th/8th June
Orders received at 2200 hrs that move would take place at 22300 hrs on the night of 8th/9th June.

8th June – Dudular.
Orders received at 1000 hrs that move would be postponed for 2/3 days so Officers’ Kits and men’s cooking dixies were brought back from the Quay to camp.
Bttn engaged in Brigade Ceremonial Drill from 1730 – 1900 hrs.

9th June – Dudular.
Orders received at 1000 hrs for embarkation to take place on night 9th/10th June as follows:
– Animals leave camp at 1900 hrs.
– Bttn to leave camp at 2100 hrs.
Bttn embarked, reaching the Quay at midnight. Embarkation completed 0300 hours on night

9th/10th June 1917.
Name of ship SS Minnetonka (Atlantic Transportation Service).
Destination still secret and unknown.

10th June – At Sea.
Bttn at sea.
Ship left Quay at 0630hrs and left harbour escorted by two HM Destroyers – HMS Grampus and HMS Renard at 1130 hours.
Sea smooth.

11th June – At Sea.
Bttn at sea.
Sea Smooth.
No incident of note. Alarms practised and all ranks wore lifebelts.

12th June – Alexandria.
HMT Minnetonka arrived Alexandria at 1400 hrs. Bttn disembarked by half Battalions at 1700 and 1900 hours and immediately en-trained at quayside for Ismalia. Two trains left at 1600 and 2030 hours and arriving Ismalia respectively at 0200 and 0400 hours. Two officers and 40 ORs left on ship unload baggage.

13th June – Moascar.
Bttn de-trained at Ismalia at 2200 and 0400 hours and drew tents and went into camp without delay. Very little baggage arrived.

14th June – Moascar.
Bttn in camp.
All baggage arrived at 1800 hrs with rear party.

15th June – Moascar.
Bttn in camp.
Three hours drill carried out.
1 OR drowned bathing in Temsah Lake.

16th/17th June – Moascar.
Bttn in camp.

18th to 23rd June – Moascar.
Bttn encamped.
3½ hours training per day carried out. Close order drill. Attack Practice. Route Marching. Training of Reserve Lewis Gunners.
On 19th, Additional Lewis Guns received, making total of 16.

24th June – Moascar.
No training (Sunday).
Orders received to be ready to move at short notice and to re-equip under Instructions received by Ordnance Officer.

25th June – Moascar.
Training as for 18/6/17.
Capt ALM Churchill RAMC, attached to 2/18 London Regiment, died in No 26 Stationary Hospital at Ismalia.

26th June – Moascar.
Battalion inspected by Brigade Commander.

27th to 29th June – Moascar.
Bttn encamped.
3½ hours training carried out.

30th June – Moascar.
Training continued.
Orders receive for probable move to Kantara on 5/7/17.
Strength of Bttn in Egypt – 34 Officers, 860 ORs.