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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – July 1917

1st/2nd July – Moascar.
Bttn encamped.
3 1/2 hours of training carried out per day.

3rd July – Moascar.
GOC Division inspected Bttn at a practice trench attack.

4th July – Moascar.
Training continued.

5th July – Elferdan.
Bttn moved by road to Elferdan, starting at 1905 hours, arriving at 2250 hours.
March casualties – 5.

6th July – Kantara.
Bttn marched to Kantara, starting at 1800 hrs and arriving at 2345 hrs.
March casualties – 12.

7th July – Kantara.
Bttn en-trained at Kantara, leaving in two trains at 1600 hrs and 1800 hrs.

8th July – Deir-el Belah.
Bttn detrained at Deir-el-Belah at 0400 hrs and 0600 hrs and bivouacked two miles south west of station.

9th July – Deir-el-Belah.
Bttn in bivouac.

10th to 17th July – Deir-el-Belah.
Bttn in Bivouac and engaged in training.
Additional personnel put into training for 8 new Lewis Guns.
Open attack practised.

18th July – Deir-el-Belah.
Brigade open attack practised.
Visual signalling found to be too slow.

19th to 28th July – Deir-el-Belah.
Bttn in Bivouac and continued to engage in training.

29th July – Deir-el-Belah.
Bttn marched to point C32 (on map Gaza – Shellal). All transport marched also.
Left camp at 1802 hours and arrived at C22 at 2205 hours.
March casualties – 7.

30th July – Near Sheikh Nuran (Point C32).
Bttn marched with transport to point G14 Central.
Relieved 16th Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
Two strong posts “S”(G 24 a.4.4) and “T” (G 23 b.2.3.) each held by two platoons, taken over by C Company from B Coy RWF.
March casualties – Nil.

31st July – Near Sheikh Nuran (G 14 Central).
Bttn encamped and engaged in Camp improvements.
Strength of Bttn: 32 Officers, 876 ORs.