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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – July 1915

Unit: 2/18th Battalion, London Regiment (London Irish Rifles).
Brigade: 180th London Infantry Brigade.
Division: 60th London Division (TF).
Mobilisation Centre: Duke of York’s Headquarters, Chelsea.
War Station: Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex.
Stations since occupied subsequent to Concentration – White City, Reigate, St Albans, Braintree.
Mobilisation: This was completed on 4th August 1914.
Concentration at War Station at White City was carried out by Route March on 26th October 1914.
Organisation for Defence is in course of developments.


The training of the Battalion in 3 categories:
Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced – for periods of 14 days, was a feature during the month and might with advantage be continued. The principal objection to training in these grades is that men for the time being are not under the control of their own Company Officers.
The scheme of Trench War training now being instituted by the Brigadier Commanding will add fresh interest to the training and prove invaluable in its practical bearing upon the conduct of the present war.
Good progress has been made at the Miniature Range and also at the Open Range practices at Witham.
More accessible open ranges are, however, greatly needed for more frequent use by all ranks.


As an aid to the upkeep of discipline, it might be helpful if a day was occasionally set aside for Battalion movements – not only purely drill exercises but movements in attack and defence.
In this connection, it is hoped that convenient areas may be available after the gathering in of the harvest.


The services under this head have been generally satisfactory, with the exception of Ordnance Services, for which there has been difficulty in getting clothing.

Remounts and Transport.

Our establishment is short of 7 draught horses. Our long promised GS Harness is, we learn, coming through.