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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – December 1916

1st December – Salonika.
Bttn disembarked from HM Transport Caledonia and marched to 60th Division Camp. Less 13 Officers and 91 OR left in Marseille.

2nd to 10th December – Salonika.
Bttn in camp and carried out training. Divine service on 3rd and 10th.

11th December – Salonika.
Bttn carried out training. Rear details under Captain Frisby reported, having disembarked from HM Transport Manitou less 2/Lieut Willis and 2/Lieut Harrington, who remained on board as Ship’s Adjutant and Ship’s Quartermaster respectively. 13 Officers and 91 ORs landed.

12th December – Salonika.
Bttn carried out training. 2/Lieut Willis and 2/Lieut Harrington reported from HM Transport Manitou.

13th to 17th December – Salonika.
Bttn carried out training. Divine Service on 17th.

18th December – Salonika.
Bttn engaged in training and practising with new pack.

19th December – Naresh.
Left Dudular Camp at 1115am, leaving 9 officers and 24 ORs. Arrived Naresh at 210pm and bivouacked. March casualties of 8 all re- joined.

20th December – Salmanli.
Left Naresh at 1030am and arrived Salmanli at 245pm. March casualties of 52 all marched in.

21st December – Sarigol.
Left Salmanli at 11am and marched to Sarigol via Hassan-Ubasi and arrived at 515pm. March casualties of 32 all marched in.

22nd December – Sarigol.
Bttn in bivouac at Sarigol.

23rd December – Gerbazel.
Left Sarigol at 10am. Marched to Gerbazel, arriving at 2pm. March casualties of 1. (Censor stamp No 4218 received from 180 Infantry Brigade).

24th December – Cugunci/Malovci/Rates.
Bttn left Gerbazel at 1030am. HQ, A and B Companies marched to Cugunci arriving at 130pm. C Company bivouacked at Malovci, D Company at Rates. No march casualties.

25th December – Cugunci/Malovci/Rates.
Xmas. Bttn engaged in interior economy.

26th to 31st December – Cugunci/Malovci/Rates.
The various companies started work on road making under the supervision of 26 Division CRE. Road making consists of improving the roads between Cugunci and Malovci.
Strength of battalion at Cugunci, Malovci and Rates: Officers – 30 Officers, OR – 857.
Strength of battalion at Dudular Camp (Rear Party). Officers – 9, OR – 24.
Total battalion strength: Officers – 39, OR – 881.