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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – August 1915

Unit: 2/18th Battalion, London Regiment (London Irish Rifles).
Brigade: 180th London Infantry Brigade.
Division: 60th London Division (TF).
Mobilisation Centre: Duke of York’s Headquarters, Chelsea.
War Station: Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex.
Stations since occupied subsequent to Concentration – White City, Reigate, St Albans, Braintree.
Mobilisation: This was completed on 4th August 1914.
Concentration at War Station at White City was carried out by Route March on 26th October 1914.
Organisation for Defence is in course of developments.


Entered into with zest by all ranks. Bad weather has however interfered much with field work and night operations.


There has been satisfactory improvement under this head.


1. Medical Services – Satisfactory.
2. Veterinary Service – Satisfactory.
3. Supply Services – It would be much appreciated if the endless round of supplies of beef were varied by occasional supplies of mutton.
4. Transport Services –
Pack Saddlery.
1 Breast Collar.
2 Surcingles.
1 Head Chain.
6 Pack Ropes.
Required to complete 10 sets.
Shaft Draft.
2 Head Collars.
2 Breast Collars.
2 Bridoon Bits.
1 Set Long Reins.
2 Sets Breeching.
Required to complete 2 sets.
Ride and Drive.
18 Single sets wheel harness required to complete.
5. Ordnance Service – Fewer delays than formerly.
6/ 7/ 8. – Do not call for comment.
9. – Supply of Remounts complete.