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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – April 1915

Unit: 2/18th Battalion, London Regiment (London Irish Rifles).
Brigade: 2/18th London Infantry Brigade.
Division: 2/2nd London Division (TF).
Mobilisation Centre: Duke of York’s Headquarters, Chelsea.
War Station: Adult School, St Albans.
Stations since occupied subsequent to Concentration: White City, Shepherds Bush, Reigate.
Concentration at War Station.
Since the Battalion has been at St Albans, special attention has been devoted to the musketry, which has progressed rapidly.


During the last few days of the month, the reorganising of the Battalion has been proceeding: ie the dividing of the Imperial Service men from the Home Service men.


The general discipline of the Battalion continue to be satisfactory.


Transport Services – wagons have now been drawn but at present no draught horse.
Supply Service – since being at St Albans, the scale of rations has been of larger amounts of food and no money payment for vegetables but, from 1st May, we are to be changed to the scale, which provides smaller amounts of food and the payment of 4d per men per day for the provision of vegetables etc and as this latter was the scale we worked on at Reigate, I am of the opinion that it is unsatisfactory.
Billets – the billets in St Albans are very satisfactory, all being in furnished houses.
Range Construction – the range at Chalk Hill has been the major improvement. Fatigue parties have been employed in raising the Stop Butt by some 3 or 4 feet. This has been completed and the Range is in use.