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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – November 1917

1st November – In Line.
Left Section quiet.
Casualties 1 OR, Accidentally Killed.

2nd November – In Line.

3rd November – In Line.
Gas discharged on Oppy.

4th November – In Line.
Raid carried out by Bttn of Right Brigade. Very satisfactory. At 1610, a German gave himself up – 358th Regiment.

5th to 7th November.
In Line.

8th November – In Line.
Relieved by 1/19th and moved into Support Position – Red Line. Raid by 31st Bde on Left.

9th to 11th November – In Support.
Supplying Working Parties.

12th November – Maroeuil.
Relieved by 6th Bttn and moved into Corps Reserve in Maroeuil Area.

13th November – Maroeuil.
In Corps Reserve – cleaning up. Battn in Emergency at 2 hours by day and ½ hour by night until 21/11/17 at 3pm.

14th/15th November – Maroeuil.

16th November – Maroeuil.
Bgde Genl Inspection.

17th/18th November – Maroeuil.
In Corps Reserve – Training.

19th November – Maroeuil.
MM presented by Lt Col Parry to Rfn McMillan.
Route March.

20th November – Maroeuil.
In Corps Reserve. Bathing.

21st November – “Y” Sector.
Bn into “Y” Sector L.2.C. Central.
Warned to be prepared to move to 3rd Army at short notice.

22nd November.
At “Y” Sector.

23rd November – Fosseux.
Proceeded by March Route to Fosseux.

24th November – Achiet le Petit.
March route to Achiet le Petit.

25th November – Rocquigny.
March route and Buses to Rocquigny.

26th November – Rocqugny.
At Rocquigny.

27th November – Hindenburg Support.
Proceeded by March route and Buses to Hindenburg Support.
Transport remained at Lebucherie.

28th November – Hindenburg Support.
Moved into Bourlon Wood – Heavy Shelling & Casualties.

29th/30th November – Bourlon Wood.
Bourlon Wood. Heavy Shelling and Casualties.