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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – November 1916

November 1st to 3rd.
Bttn in Reserve – Bttn HQ at Woodcot House.

November 4th.
In Reserve – 4 Officers & 60 OR’s under Lt Col Mahon proceeded to Vlamentinghe and were received by HRH The Duke of Connaught.

November 5th to 7th.
In Reserve.

November 8th.
In Reserve until evening when Bttn moved into the line (Left Sub-Sector).

November 9th to 11th.
In Line – Left Sub Sector – quiet.

November 12th.
In Line. Left Sub Sector. Enemy TMs active British retaliated by Artillery fire.

November 13th/14th.
In Line. Left Sub-sector – Enemy TMs active during afternoon.

November 15th to 18th – Ypres.
In line. Left Sub Sector.

November 19th – Scottish Lines.
Bttn was relieved by 22nd Bttn night of 18/19 and proceeded by train from Ypres to Billeting area arriving about 4am 19th inst.
Lt Col B M Mahon proceeded on leave. Major S B Skevington took over temp command.

November 20th to 27th.
In Div Reserve – Scottish Lines.
November 28th to 30th.
Moved into Bde Reserve in (Halifax Camp).