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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – November 1915

November 1st – Mazingarbe.
Reserve billets. One Coy in strong posts in old front German line.

November 2nd – Mazingarbe.
Reserve billets. Billets bad and dirty.

November 3rd – Mazingarbe.
Reserve billets.

November 4th – Mazinbarbe
Reserve billets.

November 5th – Mazingarbe.
One Coy in strong post in old German front line.

November 6th – Mazingarbe.
Three Coys were inspected by Lord Mayor of London. Remainder of day resting.

November 7th – Mazingarbe.
In trenches, Section B2, 1st Line. Left sector Loos very quiet. Weather bad. Trenches in bad condition. 20th London Regiment on right; 19th London Regiment on left.

November 8th.
Quiet. One OR wounded.

November 9th.
Shelling of Communication Trench. Haie Alley.

November 10th to 12th.
Support trenches in Sector B2. Wet.

November 13th – Mazingarbe.
Battalion billeted in abbatoir and new huts. Crowded but clean.

November 14th – Lilliers.
Arrived by train from Noeux-les-Mines at 3pm. Battalion billeted by 5pm. Very crowded. Fire brought down in Corps Reserve.

November 15th – Raimbert.
Arrived Raimbert 1040am. Billets good. In Corps Reserve.

November 16th to 18th.
Resting and clearing up.

November 19th.
Training of Bttn commenced. Training Coy consisting of last drafts of NCOs and Junior Officers. Captain AP Hamilton to be attached to 19 Bttn, London Regiment. Training.

November 20th to 30th.
Training proceeded with Bombing and Musketry etc. On 26th, draft of 18 ORs joined and were taken on strength.