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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – January 1917

January 1st.
In Brigade Reserve. HQ at Swan Chateau.

January 2nd.
Relieved 17th Bttn in Left Subsector (Bluff) In Line.

January 3rd to 6th – Bluff Sector.
In Line. Quiet.

January 7th – Bluff Sector.
Relieved by 17th Bttn and moved into support with HQ & 1 Coy to Woodcote House 1 Coy to Bluff Tunnels 1 Coy to Ravine Wood 1 Coy to Strong Post.

January 8th to 11th – Bluff Sector.
In Support.

January 12th to 14th – Bluff Sector.
Relieved by 17th Bttn & moved into Line (left Sub Sector Bluff Sector). Into Line.

January 15th – Bluff Sector.
In Line. Lt Col BM Mahon admitted to Hospital, sick. Major D R Parry took over command of Bttn.

January 16th – Bluff Sector.
In Line. Heavy bombardment of the German front line system, Enemy reply weak.

January 17th – Bluff Sector.
In Line.

January 18th – Bluff Sector.
In Line. Relieved by 21st Bttn night of 18/19th & moved by train to Div Reserve Area.

January 19th to 24th – Scottish Lines.
In Divisional Reserve at Scottish Camp.

January 25th – Scottish Lines.
In Divisional Reserve.
Bttn inspected by 8/Army Commander.

January 26th – Scottish Lines.
Moved to Halifax Camp relieving 15th Bttn.

January 27th to 29th – Halifax Camp.
In Brigade Reserve (Halifax Camp).

January 30th – Hill 60.
Relieved 17th Batt in Left Sub Sector Hill 60 Sector. In Line.

January 31st – Hill 60.
In Line.