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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – January 1916

January 1st 1916 – La Bourse.
In billets at La Bourse. Billets good.

January 2nd – Verquin.
Moved to Verquin. Great difficulty was experienced in obtaining officer billets.

January 3rd – Les Brebis.
Marched to Les Brebis and went into billets by 1pm. Passed Corps Commander at level crossing (at L14C).

January 4th – Loos.
Relieved the French in Loos Centre sub-Section, Relief commencing an effected between 6pm and 10pm.

January 5th – Loos.
Two officers wounded. Quiet. Supported by French Artillery.

January 6th – Loos.
Full day – hostile heavy shelling on Crassier.

January 7th – Loos.
Quiet day.

January 8th – Loos.
Relieved by 17th Bttn and went into support. Two Coys in Loos, 2 Coys in N Maroc.

January 9th – Loos.
In support.

January 10th – Loos.
Relieved 20th Bttn in Right sub-Section Loos.

January 11th – Loos.
Quiet day.

January 12th – Loos.
Relieved by 8th Bttn and went into billets at Les Brebis.

January 13th – Les Brebis.
In billets at Les Brebis.

January 14th – Les Brebis.
Bttn bathed.

January 15th – Les Brebis.

January 16th – Maroc Centre sub section.
Relieved 21st Bttn in Maroc Centre sub section. Relief commenced and effected between 430pm and 830pm. Two platoons, 47th Division cyclists attached.

January 17th – Maroc Centre.
Information received that mining operations were in progress at the base of southern Crassier.

January 18th – Maroc Centre.
Quiet day.

January 19th – Maroc Centre.
Mining expert arrives to verify suspicions re mining – experts decision is that “no hostile mining was in progress”.

January 20th – Maroc.
Relieved by 20th Bttn and went into support.

January 21st – Maroc.
In support – at 9pm, heavy hostile shelling of Maroc. Two killed.

January 22nd – Maroc.
Relieved 19th Bttn in Left sub section Maroc.

January 23rd – Maroc.
At 2am, mine was exploded in Centre sub section Loos – very slight retaliation on the part of the enemy. Officer of the 6th Bttn to reconnoitre line.

January 24th.
In Support Line. Bttn HQ shelled intermittently during the day. Relieved by 6th Bttn and went into billets at Braquement, Noeux-les-Mines. Arrived 1015pm.

January 25th – Braquement.
In billets at Braquement – billets good.

January 26th – Braquement.
Working party furnished. Two officers – 100 men.

January 27th – Braquement.
Working party furnished at 630pm. Two officers – 100 men.

January 28th – Loos.
Relieved 22nd Bttn in Left sub section Loos. Colonel Tredennick sick.

January 29th – Loos.
In Support Line. Crassier shelled in the afternoon.

January 30th – Loos.
Normal disposition was resumed.

January 31st – Loos.