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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – February 1916

February 1st – Loos.
Loos sector quiet.

February 2nd – Loos.
Enemy observed doing little work.

February 3rd – Loos.
Left Coy heavily bombarded from 430pm to 7pm. Also Support Line communication trench behind that Coy.

February 4th – Loos.
Quiet day.

February 5th – Loos.
Relieved by 6th Bttn.

February 6th to 8th – Les Brebis.

February 9th – Maroc.
Went into support in Maroc sector.

February 10th /11th – Maroc.

February 12th – Maroc.
Two Companies B Coy went to reinforce 19th Bttn, London Regiment in the Centre sub section.

February 13th – Maroc.
Practised gas attack. Quiet day.

February 14th – Maroc.

February 15th – Maroc.
Proceeded to Les Brebis in the evening. Relieved by 2nd Royal Sussex.

February 16th – Maroc.
Marched to Noeux-les-Mines and entrained there for Lilliers at 1030am. Arrived Lilliers 1130am, marched to billets in Corps Reserve at Raiimbert. Very strong gale blowing. Billets good.

February 17th – Raimbert.
Resting and cleaning up – from midnight 17th to midnight 24th become Brigade HQ troops under 9 hours’ notice to entrain.

February 18th – Raimbert.
Cleaning up. Deficiencies noted and issues of clothing etc made to men. Baths.

February 19th – Raimbert.

February 20th – Raimbert.
Church Parade.

February 21st – Raimbert.
Individual training commenced.

February 22nd – Raimbert.
Second day individual training.

February 23rd – Raimbert.
Third day individual training.

February 24th – Raimbert.
Battalion route march. Floringhen-Ferpay-Raimbert.

February 25th – Raimbert.
Fifth day individual training.

February 26th – Raimbert.
Sixth day individual training.

February 27th – Raimbert.
Church Parade.

February 28th – Raimbert.
Range practice. Seventh day individual training.

February 29th – Raimbert.
Brigade route march. 855am starting place Raimbert – route Auchel to Marles-es-Mines to Lozingehem to Auchel. Returned to billets at Raimbert at 1pm.