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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – August 1917

1st August – Ridgewood.
In Reserve to 41st Division – quiet – Weather very bad.
Under ½ hour notice.

2nd to 4th August – Ridgewood.
In Reserve.

5th/6th August – Ridgewood.
In Corps Reserve.
Under two hours notice.

7th August – Ridgewood.
Received warning order to move back.

8th August.
Moved back to Camp at M.6.d.5.8 (Sheet 28 N.W. 1/20000).

9th August – M.6.d.5.8
Marched from M.6.d.5.8 to Arkele thence by train to ST. OMER and marched to Esquerdes. Inspected on the road by the 2nd Army Commander Genl. Sir. H. C. O. Plumer.

10th/11th August – Esquerdes.
Training for the offensive in open warfare.

12th August – Esquerdes.
Church parade. Presentation of Bar to Military Medal to Sgt. Burton by Brigadier Genl. R. Macdouall.

13th August – Esquerdes.

14th August – Esquerdes.
Battalion inspected by 2nd Army Commander General Sir H.C.O. Plumer.

15th August – Esquerdes.

16th August – Esquerdes.
Warning order to move.

17th August – Halifax.
Moved to Halifax Camp by tactical train and in the evening marched to Ypres.
Battalion Headquarters at Lille Gate.
Lt. Col. D.B. Parry D.S.O admitted to Hospital sick. Major W.H. Murphy took over command of Battalion.

18th August – In Line.
Relieved 2nd Northants and 2nd Sherwood Foresters in line at Westhoek Ridge.
Battalion Headquarters Jaffa Trench.
2nd Lieut. E.D.R. Pinkerton Wounded.

19th August – In line.
Shelling very heavy.
Casualties: Wounded – 2nd Lieuts C.H.I. Stewart, S.A. Thoday and C.F. Havord. 2 Other Ranks killed and 9 wounded.

20th August – In line.
Heavy shelling continues.
3 Other ranks killed, 2 missing and 13 wounded.

21st August – In line.
Heavy shelling.
3 Other ranks killed and 30 wounded. Relieved by 20th Battn. London Regiment, Capt. M.B. O’Brien Wounded.

22nd August – In Support.
In Support at Hellewarde Ridge, Attacks launched by 14th and 15th Divisions. Zero hour at 4.45 and 7a.m. Patrols pushed forward by 47th Division. Heavy counter attacks during the afternoon. Warned to “Stand to”.
Lieut. R.E.A. Mallet Wounded. 7 Other Ranks killed, 15 wounded and 1 Missing.

23rd August – In support.
2 Other ranks killed and 10 wounded.

24th August – In support.
Relieved by 21st Battn. London Regiment and moved back to Swan Chateau. In Divisional Support.
9 Other Ranks wounded.

25th August – Swan Chateau.
2 Other ranks wounded on Working party.

26th August – Swan Chateau.
Under ½ hours notice.

27th to 31st August – Swan Chateau.
Daily working party of 2 Officers and 80 Other Ranks and work on repairing roads and paths round Chateau.
Construction of Rifle Range started.