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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – April 1918

1st to 3rd April – Senlis.   

4th to 6th April – Bouzincourt.

Moved to Bouzincourt under orders of 140th Infantry Bde.

In Brigade Reserve.

7th April – Senlis.   

Relieved by 21st Bn and moved to Senlis.

8th to 10th April – Acheux.    

Moved from Senlis to Acheux. Left Supporting Division.

11th April – Mirvaux.

March Route to Mirvaux.

12th April – Domart.   

By March Route to Domart.

13th April – Domvast.     

Moved By March Route to Domvast.

14th to 19th April – Domvast.  

In Army Reserve – Battalion Cleaning up/Training.

20th April – Domvast.        

Divisional Commander inspected the Bn at training.

21st April – Domvast.    

Church Parade – Divisional Sports in afternoon.

22nd to 27th April – Domvast.  


28th April – Domvast.                                  –

Brigade Church Parade

29th April – Domvast.   


30th April – Cardonnette.   

Moved to Cardonnette by lorries.