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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – April 1916.

April 1st – Lorette Sector.
In Reserve Trenches at Lorette.

April 2nd to 6th – Villers au Bois.
At Villers au Bois.

April 7th to 10th – Verdel.
At Verdel in Divisional Reserve.

April 11th – Verdrel.
D Coy proceeded to Isolation Camp owing to a case of German measles breaking out in their hut.

April 12th/13th – Verdrel.
At Verdel in Divisional Reserve.

April 14th – Gouy.
Proceeded to Gouy – in Support.

April 15th/16th – Gouy.
In Gouy – in Support.

April 17th – Gouy.
C Coy proceeded to Isolation Camp.

April 18th – Gouy.
Supplied working and fatigue parties. HQ Signals and 19 OR A Coy proceed to Isolation Camp.

April 19th – Gouy.
In Support at Gouy – the Brigadier General inspected new draft. Staff Sgt arrives to supervise physical training for one day only.

April 20th – “A” sub-Section.
Took over “A” sub-Section on the night of 20th/21st from 21st Battalion with 2 Coys together with one Coy 20th Battalion and LM Gunners. Relief very slow owing to slippery mud. Relief complete by 230am.

April 21st – “A” sub-Section.
Very quiet. Arrangements made for patrolling. Gas alert on. Brigadier came up at 5pm. No Trench Stores arrive.

April 22nd – “A” sub-Section.
Quiet – a very wet day. Front line trench, occupied by Right Coy, full of water in several places – pumping resorted to. No patrolling possible. Arrangement for artillery strafe cancelled.

April 23rd – “A” sub-Section.
Very quiet.

April 24th – “A” sub-Section.
Dry weather. Trenches improve. Left Coy strafed enemy with Rifle grenades. Enemy replied with heavy mortars on whole front. Support line and Communication trenches damaged. – 10 casualties. Right Coy seek artillery retaliation which was given on enemy’s front line. Patrol out from midnight until 2am. Enemy apparently relieved at 1230am night of 24th/25th.

April 25th – “A” sub-Section.
At 330am, mine was exploded on right of Coy on our right. Enemy at once began consolidation of Crater. At 335am, a second mine was sprung about 180 yards to the left of the first one. At 7pm, a mine exploded on right of Battalion on our left – 18th supported by opening enfilade fire.

April 26th/27th – “A” sub-Section.
Quiet. Relief by 7th Battalion at 120am (when relief was completed).

April 27th – Maisnil Bouche.
Arrived in billets in Maisnil Bouche at 430am.

April 28th – Maisnil Bouche.
In Support at Maisnil Bouche. The Major General inspected the Battalion.

April 29th/30th – Maisnil Bouche.
In Maisnil Bouche.