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On Nebi Samwil

From such a pit, on one of these dark nights,

Joseph was sold unto the Midianites.

On such a hill where speak the heavy guns,

Rispah stood mourning for her seven sons;

In that wrecked village, momentarily shelled,

Ages ago was the Last Supper held;

The rock-hewn tomb, where I headquarters made,

Was such a one as where our Lord was laid;

Now where the camels, caught by pagan fire,

On the bare rocks scream struggle and expire,

We come, the London Men. The Scots, proud race

Of Northern Warriors, won for us this place.

Now grant us courage, strength the foe to stem,

And dash enough to take Jerusalem!


To keep the record straight, Nebi Samwil was stormed by Gurkhas of the 75th Division, who a few days later were relieved by the Lowland Scots of the 52nd Division – from whom we took over. Many Gurkhas dead were lying about.