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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – June 1916

June 1st to 10th – Morest.
In Corps Reserve.

June 5th.

Draft of 75 arrived.

June 6th.

Draft of 31 arrived.

June 7th.

Brigade Ceremonial Parade.

June 10th.

Major Trinder assumes command of Bttn.

June 11th – Morest/Coupigny.
Moved to Baslain by train and thence by march route to billets in Coupigny.

June 12th – Coupigny.
Moved into line – A sub section (Angres Sector) – quiet.

June 13th to 16th– Angres Sector.
In Line – quiet.

June 17th – Angres Sector.
Moved to Bouvigny Huts to Divisional Reserve.

June 18th to 20th – Bouvigny.
In Bouvigny Huts. Major W Parker, 24th Bttn, the London Regiment took over command.

June 21st to 24th – Bully.
Moved into support in Bully – Bttn HQ in Bully. Coys in Support trenches,

June 25th – Angres Sector.
Moved into A sub-Section Angres Sector.

June 26th – Angres Sector.
In Line. Quiet.

June 27th – Angres Sector.
In Line. In accordance with arrangement, a bombardment of enemy’s front line system and strong points began at 1114pm. The bombardment was a preliminary to a gas and smoke attack under cover of which raids were to be made. The object of the raid was to cause loss to the enemy. Identification of enemy troops and further to destroy or capture any rifle grenade batteries. French mortars, machine guns or ammunition which may be found. Also to locate suspected Mine Shafts – this minor operation was part of a system of raids at present carried out along the Bectian front. At 1115pm, the gas and smoke attack was delivered in front of Angres Section which continued for 2 hours. The Raiding Party consisting of part of 19th Bttn and 11 bombers 18th Bttn then entered the enemy trenches, remained there 15 minutes and then returning to our own lines after carrying out the object held in view. One prisoner was captured

June 28th – Angres Sector.
Still in Line – quiet.

June 29th to 30th – Sains and Bully.
Moved to Sains. HQ and 2 Coys – two Coys bombers and LMG Section in Bully. In Brigade reserve.