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War Diary, 2/18th London Regiment – August 1917

1st to 5th August – Near Sheikh Nuran (G14 Central).
Bttn engaged in camp improvements and training.

6th August – Near Sheikh Nuran (G14 Central).
Training continued.
C Coy relieved in post “S” and “T” (G24 a.44) and (G23 b.2.3.) by a Coy of 2/17th Bttn London Regiment.

7th to 25th August – Near Sheikh Nuran (G 14 Central).
Bttn continues to be engaged in training.
On 12th, special class of snipers started.
Musketry training at Range started.
Average standard of musketry throughout the bttn is low.

26th August – K.21.c.
Bttn relieved 2/14 London Regiment in Gamli-Shellal defences (Right sub Sector). Bttn HQ at K.21.c. (Gaza-Shellal map).
Relief started at 0500 hrs and finished at noon.

27th to 31st August – K.21.c.
Bttn in trenches. Line consists of 11 strong points, each held by 1 platoon.
Each has 1 platoon in support.
Bttn has one company in reserve.
Weather throughout August has been rainless, and hot. Windy every afternoon.
Strength of Bttn in the country: Officers – 35, ORs – 800.
With Unit: Officers – 29, ORs – 713.