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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – September 1917

1st September – Swan Chateau.
In Divisional support.
Relieved by 24th Battalion and moved to G.14.a.1.5 Belgium 28 1/40,000.

2nd September – G.14.a.1.5.
In Divisional Reserve.
Enemy Aircraft very active all night.

3rd September – Micmac Camp H.31.b.3.5.
In Divisional Reserve.
Battalion moved to MicMac Camp. Enemy aircraft active and H.V. Guns at night.

4th September – MicMac Camp.
Military Medal Ribbons presented by Lt Col Parry; D.S.M presented by Major W.H. Murphy to 590142 Cpl. C.F. Easthill, 591527 Rfn. W. McNamara, 590293 Sgt. T.E. Hatt and 591734 L/Sgt. W.J. Murphy.
Enemy aircraft active.

5th September – Dominion Lines.
Battalion moved to Dominion Lines at 10.0 am.
Division came under orders of 1st Anzac Corps at 12 noon to-day.
Enemy aircraft active.

6th September.
Warning Order received probably moving into line 8/9th.
Lt. Col. Parry. D.S.O. assumed command of the Battalion on return from Hospital.

7th September.
Company Commanders reconnoitre Line.

8th September.
Battalion moved into line at Westhoek-Ypres and relieved 9th Battn. Loyal North Lancs.
Major W.H.M. Murphy Commanding.

9th September – In Line.
5 O.Rs. Wounded.
10th September – In Line.
2 O.Rs. Wounded.

11th September – In Line.
3 O.Rs. Killed and 6 O.Rs. Wounded.
Westhoek-Glencopse Wood.

12th September – In Line.
Battalion relieved by 17th Battalion and moved to Ramparts Ypres.
2 O. Rs. Wounded 1 O.R. Missing. A Brigade Dump was set on fire by hostile shell. 591481 Sgt. L.C. Loveless M.M. at great personal risk put the fire out and saved an important position from being discovered by the enemy. He was recommended for a Bar to his Military Medal.

13th to 15th September – In Brigade Reserve.
Ramparts, Ypres.
Working Party Found.

16th September – In Brigade Reserve.
Bombs dropped by Enemy aircraft. 2 O.Rs Wounded.

17th September – Montreal Camp.
In Brigade Reserve. Ypres.
Relieved by 27th Australian Infantry Regt and arrived at Montreal Camp.

18th September – Godeswaersvelde.
Marched from Montreal Camp to Godeswaersvelde Bn. H.Q. Estaminet de la Forge.

19th/20th September.
At Godeswaersvelde.
21st September – Godeswaersvelde.
Left Godeswaersvelde by train and arrived at Vandelicourt.

22nd to 24th September – Vandelicourt.
At Vandelicourt.

25th September.
Left Vandelicourt and marched to Aubrey Camp in Divisional Reserve 13th Corps 1st Army.

26th September – Audrey Camp.
In Divisional Reserve.

27th/28th September – Aubrey Camp.
Working Party Found.

29th September – Aubrey Camp.
Brigade Service at 10.30 am.

30th September – Aubrey Camp.
Continuing In Divisional Reserve.