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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – May 1916

May 1st – Maisnil Bouche.
In Reserve.

May 2nd – Maisnil Bouche/Bouvigny.
Moved to Bouvigny Huts in Support.

May 3rd to 6th – Bouvigny Huts.
In Bouvigny Huts in Support.

May 7th – Villers.
Moved to Villers – in Support. Went into billets for one night.

May 8th – QB Centre Sector.
Relieved the 24th Battalion in the Carency QB Centre Sector. Quiet. Three Craters in line. In close touch with Divisional Artillery.

May 9th – QB Centre Sector.
Trench Mortar activity rather considerable on right front at 745pm. Mine exploded 80 yards right of New Cut. Heavy barrage fire – unable to occupy the Crater owing to the fact of being enfiladed from enemy lip of New Cut. Trenches damaged – work continued.

May 10th – QB Centre Sector.
Little work possible by day. RE Tunnelling in touch with Battalion at 710pm. Bombing attack reported on New Cut and Mildren Crater. Battalion replied hotly with bombs – enemy then called on his artillery. We retaliated with Trench Mortars and artillery barrage. Intense and fierce fighting – quietened about 915pm. Much work in repairing trenches and in consolidating them.

May 11th – QB Centre Section.
Work continued on trenches by day. At night, operations commenced on New Cut Craters as enemy supposed to be mining inside.

May 12th – QB Centre Section.
Enemy Trench Mortars very active, especially on right. Mine is exploded on front of Division on our right. Work at night progressing well expect on Sap towards Irish Crater, which was slow.

May 13th – QB Centre Section.
Very quiet day. Proceed to Maisnil Bouche night of 14th/15th.

May 15th to 19th – Maisinal Bouche.
In billets at Maisnil Bouche in Reserve (Brigade was in Reserve).

May 20th – Cabaret Rouge.
Moved to Cabaret Rouge.

May 21st – Cabaret Rouge.
Heavy enemy bombardment commenced at 3pm. Orders to move up to Bajolle Line was received at 350pm. Enemy attacked at 745pm.

May 22nd – Cabaret Rouge.
At 210am, “A” Coy counterattacked. Two officer and 35 OR missing. Counter attack not successful. Quiet during day. At 930pm, “A, “D” and “B” Coys were relieved (20 men Coy, Lewis Guns and Bombers alone remain in line). Returned to Villers.

May 23rd – Cabaret Rouge.
Attack by 141s Brigade, 142nd Brigade and 2nd Division arranged for 130am postponed. Attack next arranged for 825pm. At 8pm, the Germans had a false alarm and barraged intensely – this lifted at 820pm but nevertheless only portions of the line attacked with the result that they had to return although penetrating to OG 1.
Lt Col Tredennick proceeded to Brigade to act as Brigade Commander since Brigadier General Thwaites was wounded.

May 24th.
At 445am, Battalion was ordered up to Support at Cabaret Rouge – “D” Coy attached to 20th Battalion. “A” and “C” remain at Cabaret Rouge dugouts. At 2am, “A” and “C” move down to Villers.

May 25th.
“B” and D”, Lewis guns and Bombers relieved. Move to Camblain Abbe.

May 26th – Marest.
141st Infantry Brigade proceeded to Corps Reserve. 18th Battalion billeted in Marest near Pennes. Major Trinder proceeded on leave. Captain Mahon took over command of the regiment.

May 27th to May 31st – Marest.
In Marest. Corps Reserve.