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War Diary, 1/18th London Regiment – June 1917

June 1st to 3rd – Spoil Bank.
In Spoil Bank Sub-Sector. Our Artillery very active.

June 3rd/4th – Spoil Bank.
Battalion carried out a small raid on night 3/4th. Party consisted of 1 Officer (2/Lt. T I Jones), 1 Sergeant and 19 Other Ranks. No enemy seen. Our casualties 1 Other Rank Wounded.

June 4th – Dominion Lines.
Relieved by 8th Bttn London Regt., and moved to Dominion Lines.

June 5th – Dominion Lines.
Moved to Dickebusch Village in the evening.

June 6th – Dickebusch.
Moved into reserve position in Ecluse Trench in the evening.

June 7th – Ecluse Trench.
Zero hour 310am when 2nd Army offensive started. Battalion stood in Ecluse Trench. No casualties. At 7am the Battalion moved forward in Artillery formation to Old French Trench. Very slight casualties. Remained in Old French Trench.

June 8th – Old French Trench.
Little shelling few casualties. Warned to move to front line at 10pm. Move subsequently cancelled.

June 9th – Old French Trench.
Night 9/10th, relieved 23rd & 24th in the Blue Line and Triangular Spoil Bank North of Canal. Battalion Headquarters established in CG2. A small raiding party sent out by C. Company consisting 2/Lt. C. F. Burhay and 30 Other Ranks. Enemy met and smart fight ensued in which many of the enemy were killed. Many dugouts were bombed. Our casualties were very slight consisting of 3 Other Ranks wounded and 1 Other Rank missing.

June 10th to 12th – Blue Line.
In the line. Battalion Headquarters moved to OG1. Intermittent shelling all day.

June 13th – Blue Line.
In the Line. Enemy kept up continuous bombardment all day & night 13/14th.

June 13th/14th – Bluff Tunnels.
Battalion Headquarters and two advanced Companies relieved by Company of 8th Buffs and moved to Bluff Tunnels.

June 14th – Bluff Tunnels.
Remaining two Companies moved to Bluff Tunnels. Attack by 24th Division at 730pm. Entirely successful. Battalion stood to in Tunnels but was not required.

June 15th – Hesken.
Battalion moved to Camp as Hesken – left Bluff Tunnels at 4am. Motor Lorries took Battalion from Kruistraat Hoek to CAMP.

June 16th – Caestre.
At Hesken. Battalion moved by march route to billets at Caestre.

June 17th – Racquinghem.
Battalion moved by march route to billets at Racquinghem, arrived 12.30am 18th inst.

June 18th to 22nd – Racquinghem.
In billets in Racquinghem.

June 23rd – St Martin-au-Laert.
Left Racquinghem by march route and arrived St. Martin-au-Laert.

June 24th to 26th – St Martin-au-Laert.
In St. Martin-au-Laert near St. Omer. Battalion carried out Musketry Course Tilques.
On 26th, Battalion carried out Field Firing.

June 27th to 29th – Sercus.
Left St. Martin-au-Laert by march route for Sercus.

June 30th – Godewaers-Velde.
Left Sercus by march route for neighbourhood of Godewaersvelde and billeted near Mont des Cats.